We’ve cut the price of MentalCore in half! Now you can grab a license for just $99.

  • Dominic Alderson, 3D Supervisor / Lead TD, The Mill TV and Film, London   “The ability to work across multiple scenes and carry your render setup with MentalCore makes life a breeze. I no longer have to build render layers over and over again or use custom scripts.”
  • Mark Wallman, Univ of Hertfordshire   “CoreCG has successfully written one of the best integrations with mental ray yet; MentalCore is easy for any artist to pick up quickly, and it’s got fantastic features which can save artists and studios a significant amount of time.”
  • David Trenear, Game Labs Apps   “High-quality game design poses its own set of unique technical challenges, especially when factoring in tight deadlines and budgets. MentalCore helps remove those challenges with an easy-to-use interface and practical features that expand our lighting and shading functionality.”
  • Alexander Morano, Sup of Pipeline R&D, Nickelodeon   “MentalCore is a great development and lighting tool with a well designed interface and time- saving features – the ability t
  • 3D World Magazine   “MentalCore comes with a big pack of useful shaders that integrates nicely within Maya – definitely one to keep an eye on”
  • Housein C. (beta tester)   “MentalCore made me keep Mental Ray as I had switched over to VRay.”
  • Justin J. (beta tester)   “MentalCore is more robust and offers far more control over Mental Ray features than the Mental Ray for Maya integration offers natively.”
  • Beziade R. (beta tester)   “Integration! Simplicity! MentalCore represents all things for which we have waited for many years.”
  • Jim L. (beta tester)   “MentalCore feels like its developers actually use their own product.”
  • Gary B. (beta tester)   “MentalCore showed me what “Mental Ray done right in Maya” could be, and is with MentalCore!”

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  • Now only $99!

    We've cut the price of MentalCore in half! Now you can grab a license for just $99.

  • MentalCore 1.7 Out Now!

    MentalCore 1.7 is released! This release includes a number of new features including support for Maya 2015. Grab your download here, and check out the full list of new features here.

  • New Customer Helpdesk

    Check out our new helpdesk for support, faq and to stay up to date with future announcements and releases

  • Coming Soon...

    MentalCore 1.7 will be available to download July 6, 2014, now featuring support for Maya 2015 and a host of new features.